Laura in the kitchenWelcome to On the Sharp Side. I’m Laura. Lynch, owner of the recipe blog A Food Lover’s Kitchen and travel blog Savored Journeys. I’m an avid home cook and I’ve eaten around the world at amazing restaurants and street food vendors. As a cook, I quickly learned that having high quality, sharp kitchen knives to work with really makes a difference.

As my skills developed in the kitchen, so did my desire to find a way to keep my knives sharp. Dull blades are no one’s friend. At first, I found it very difficult to keep my knives sharp. I wasn’t doing it right and I didn’t have the knowledge I needed. After one too many dinners using chipped, dull knives, I wisened up and taught myself how to properly care for my knives.

I started this site, On the Sharp Side, to help you make informed decision on how to sharpen your knives, how to look for the best knives, and to cut through the noise of the Internet to find the right knives for your kitchen. We don’t stand for dull knives here!

You can expect to find reviews for all types of knife-related products, from electric and manual knife sharpeners and sharpening stones, to the best types and brands of kitchen knives, plus a plethora of information on how to use and maintain your kitchen knives.

If there’s something we haven’t written about that you’d like to see on the site, let us know!

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